The Board of Serve the City Ireland is committed to ensuring that all fundraising activities are carried out in an ethical manner.

This policy applies to the Board, any part time or permanent staff, City Leaders, Project Leaders and any volunteers who engage in fundraising on behalf of Serve the City Ireland.



The purpose of this document is to clearly identify Serve the City Ireland’s position on fundraising practice and to document the standards we expect to be upheld in the raising of funds from any outside source.



Serve the City Ireland’s guiding fundraising principle is a simple one – we will only use techniques that we would be happy to be used on ourselves.

In doing so, our organisation will follow these standards:

  • All Fundraising activities carried out by Serve the City Ireland will comply with all relevant current and future legislation.
  • Any communications to the public made in the course of carrying out a fundraising activity shall be truthful and honest.
  • All monies raised from sponsors either private or corporate will be used solely for the stated purpose of the appeal and will comply with the organisation’s values, stated mission and purpose.


Avoidance criteria

Serve the City Ireland will not seek or accept funding or support where any of the following criteria apply:

  • The source is known or suspected with credible evidence to derive from the proceeds of crime, or from any illegal activity, or from pornography, the manufacture or sale or arms and munitions, or is involved in any environmentally irresponsible activity or from other unethical activity.
  • It has the potential to cause significant damage to the reputation of the organisation or its relationships with its clients, volunteers and other sponsors.
  • It derives from a source conflicting with Serve the City Ireland’s ethical values or has the potential to cause a conflict of interest.
  • The funding is known or suspected with credible evidence to derive from or be closely associated with any regime, entity or corporate body known or suspected to be in violation of human rights, or from goods and services produced under conditions involving the abuse or exploitation of any person(s) or engages in or encourages in the discrimination against any section(s) of society.
  • If acceptance of a donation or sponsorship and any terms attached to it might lead to an undue and inappropriate third party influence, or an impression given of such influence, on the decisions or the independence of the organisation.
  • Acceptance is likely to deter other sponsors/donors or jeopardise existing and future relationships with other stakeholders.



Serve the City Ireland will undertake to communicate this Ethical Fundraising Policy to all its stakeholders, and will undertake its fundraising activities in a transparent manner.


Right of Refusal

Serve the City Ireland reserve the right to refuse funding or donations from any source should the Board of Directors decide this.


Policy Review

This Ethical Fundraising Policy is subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors every 3 years, or more frequently if circumstances require.

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