Serve the City is a “Volunteering organisation seeking to serve the practical needs of marginalised and vulnerable persons in our communities.”

Our Aims: Serve – Care – Transform

Serve the City Ireland recognise and acknowledge that volunteers have chosen to give our organisation their time, skills and expertise. In return, we strive to offer a volunteering experience that meets the volunteer’s expectations and we offer volunteering projects that are well managed and supervised. Volunteers are invited to work with us on a range of projects which could involve anything from Painting, Garden clearing, House decluttering, activities with refugees or homeless persons. A project Leader will be with volunteers on each project.

Serve the City Ireland is committed to our volunteer programme, we recognise the valued contribution our volunteers give to Serve the City Ireland and we pledge ourselves to the following:

  • Giving our volunteers clear and precise information on projects, location, transport, type of work, times involved etc.
  • Induction and Training. Before work commences Volunteers will be given an overview by the Project Leader, with information on the background to the project, type or work, introduction to the client and any other relevant information.
  • Providing a safe working environment for our volunteers, Serve the City operate a comprehensive Health and Safety policy and will only work within the policy procedures. Personal Protection equipment where required will be provided by Serve the City Ireland.
  • Realistic expectations. Serve the City Ireland will never ask volunteers to undertake work or activities that are considered unreasonable. We will be fair to all volunteers and clients alike.
  • Serve the City Ireland work to a strictly defined Data Protection policy. We will never share your name or contact information with third parties. Permission will be requested from all identifiable subjects prior to any photography taking place.
  • Complaints procedure. If a volunteer is unhappy or dissatisfied we offer a complaints/feedback procedure via our website in which all complaints will be given full consideration.

Many of our volunteers come back to work with us time and time again, and one of the most frequent reasons they give for this is “that volunteering with Serve The City is fun”.

We want our volunteers to have fun and to enjoy their volunteering experience but there are other important benefits to working with us:


Benefits of Volunteering with Serve the City:

Learn or develop a new skill – Volunteering is the perfect vehicle to discover something you are really good at and develop a new skill.

Meet a diverse range of people – Volunteering brings together a diverse range of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Practice Language skills – For volunteers that do not have English as a first language, working with others will help develop language and communications skills.

Be part of our community – People and communities co-depend on each other for survival. Volunteering is about helping others and having a real impact on people’s wellbeing.

Enjoy new experiences – Volunteering is a brilliant way to get life experience, you get to experience the “real world” through hands-on work.

Boost your career options – Surveys show employers like candidates with volunteering experience, and believe that volunteering can add to skills set.

Develop Leadership skills – Serve The City offer opportunities to take on leadership roles within the organisation.

Motivation and sense of achievement – Volunteers predominately express a sense of achievement and motivation, and this is ultimately generated from your desire and enthusiasm to help Serve The City’s commitment to volunteering.

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