Our successful mentoring programme is available in English only to all Cairdeas participants aged 18 years or older. Through an extensive network of qualified and professional coaches and mentors, participants enjoy the benefits of working with someone to coach/mentor them on many different topics, including their journey into Ireland, integrating into their local community, career / CV advice and more. Mentoring is available nationally either online or telephonically, meaning anyone can partake from any part of Ireland.

Here’s what our 2021 participants had to say:

“I had a very good experience and one day I will meet my mentor in person to learn more about diversification. My mentor made me feel at home and loved and feel good. I no longer [felt] insecure but confident. I broke my own surface.” Mentee, Co Clare.

A big thank you for offering me an extra ordinary career coach, who has taken his time to guide me [and] shape my entire life the way I want now and the future without regret.” Coachee, Co Wexford


Volunteering Opportunities (no experience necessary)

Throughout the year, we offer all Cairdeas participants a chance to join a volunteering project to take part in an activity to improve their local community, meet Irish nationals and learn new skills. Now that the restrictions surrounding the pandemic have ended, we hope to offer volunteering projects more frequently in various counties and to also continue our work at Balseskin NRC, where we encourage residents to volunteer in community garden projects.

To get in touch as either a volunteer or a participant, please email Cairdeas@servethecity.ie

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