“Serve The City Ireland are committed to creating a safe, healthy and inclusive environment for all, particularly, the clients that we serve. We are committed at all times to ensuring their safety and welfare and also through upholding their rights to respect, dignity and of their human rights generally.”

We will endeavour to safeguard vulnerable adults and children by:

  • Reporting any concerns to the Statutory Authorities who would need to know and also by involving carers, relatives and/or social workers of vulnerable adults/children as appropriate.
  • Sharing information about vulnerable adult/child protection best practice with our Directors, City Leaders, Project Leaders and Volunteers.
  • Recognising the welfare of our Clients is of paramount importance;
  • Recognising the risks posed to vulnerable adults/children.
  • Adopting vulnerable adult/child protection guidelines through a code of conduct for all STC workers who are in contact with potential vulnerable adults/children.
  • Following carefully the processes of Garda Vetting of all leaders.
  • Obtaining a written consent form for any Volunteers under the age of 18.
  • Providing suitable supervision, support and training to all Leaders where practicable and necessary.

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