We offer bespoke training courses on essential life skills as well as workshops on intercultural diversity. To join any of the below training courses, please email us for an application form. These courses are available primarily on Zoom, with a view to in-person training in the coming future. Participants on all courses will receive a professional participant handbook as well as a participation cert.

  • Intercultural Diversity – two hour workshop
  • Guide to integrating into Irish culture – 1 hour training course
  • Top Tips for residents of Balseskin National Reception Centre – 30 minute training course
  • Essential Guide to volunteering – 1 hour training course


Volunteering Opportunities (no experience necessary)

Throughout the year, we offer all Cairdeas participants a chance to join a volunteering project to take part in an activity to improve their local community, meet Irish nationals and learn new skills. Now that the restrictions surrounding the pandemic have ended, we hope to offer volunteering projects more frequently in various counties and to also continue our work at Balseskin NRC, where we encourage residents to volunteer in community garden projects.

To get in touch as either a volunteer or a participant, please email Cairdeas@servethecity.ie

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