Tour the City is a project of STC Dublin which seeks to enhance social inclusion and to initiate an integration process for Refugees and Asylum Seekers that reside in Direct Provision Centres (DPCs) in the Greater Dublin Area. Our volunteer leaders organise fortnightly cultural tours that introduce the residents of DPCs to Irish culture, heritage and history, and actively encourages personal interactions between the volunteers and refugees/asylum seekers.

On 11 November, STC Dublin ran its 15th cultural tour this year for the residents of Balseskin in Finglas, Hatch Hall and Georgian Court. We visited the Irish Muesum of Modern Art (IMMA). Currently, the IMMA holds an exhibition titled “Coast – Lines” representing different aspects and conceptualisations of a coast and sea that are so pronounced in the Irish culture. The works of Irish artists like Brian O’Doherty, James Coleman, Noel Sheridan and Anne Madden are very well exhibited and their art work encourages the audience to reflect on sense of place, perception, representation and memory. A strong group of over 30 of the residents from the Centres and STC volunteers were welcomed by a tour guide who explained the exhibition in great detail and then let us dive into the word of art individually.

It’s a small step helping Refugees and Asylum Seekers who reside in Direct Provision Centres – it also helps our volunteers make an immediate impact in a very meaningful way. If you’d like to find out more or perhaps even to volunteer, please email

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