5 November 2017 is International Volunteer Manager Day, and a BIG THANK YOU to all our volunteer leaders and coordinators in STC IRL!

Kamal & Alan represented Serve the City at a breakfast gathering on 1 November in Dublin, hosted thanks to @voluntireland. The challenge this year was to “Be the Voice” for volunteer managers. That’s relatively easy @servethecityirl as being 100% volunteer-led means that our volunteer managers are also volunteers.

So this year as volunteer managers, STC would like to say: “Show the Value – Share the Love!” As volunteer managers we show the value volunteers contribute to the Irish economy and society. With around 4,000 volunteer hours serving in the community, that’s about an €80,000 notional value. Sharing the love is what happens when people-to-people movements like STC mobilise volunteers to serve the practical needs of marginalised & vulnerable persons. Often our volunteers say they get involved to “give back” but end up saying “I got more out of that than the person I was there to serve…” When volunteers serve, they show they really care, and transformation can happen on both sides.

Pictured below are Kamal and Alan, with another volunteer manager with DCU but originally from Aleppo, Syria – another city that needs a STC serving-movement as soon as possible.

Also pictured is the pledge made by STC, celebrating International Volunteer Manager Day and our amazing volunteer managers.

Thank you again.

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